Harmony And Me

Harmony And Me


The most creative works of art, music and literature often come from heartache. In a way, that’s all we can hope for and from Harmony, a sullen 20-something lyricist, as he pines for a woman who broke his heart with seemingly little remorse. Harmony finds some solace in song, yet he fails to find tangible compassion from those around him: pathetic friends who drive minivans convince him that love is a letdown and vaguely pedophilic and self-serving coworkers show him that life is generally sadistic. Meanwhile, chewy frozen chocolate serves as a reminder that at times everything can be entirely too grievous to handle. Austin-based filmmaker Bob Byington’s latest film can easily be noted for homegrown low-budget style, but the substance of the piece transcends its budgetary limitations. Byington’s scripted esprit results in colorful and somewhat chaotic characters, brought to life by Justin Rice, Kevin Corrigan, Pat Healy, and Kristen Tucker among others. These characters don’t merely mimic reality; they heighten the hilarity of a traumatic post-breakup, which in truth is probably just about as ridiculous in life as it is onscreen.

~ by gabtor on June 14, 2009.

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