Most of the footage you will see in this film was shot back in 2000-2001, before it was confiscated by government officials. They were interested in finding out more about a man named John Titor, who showed up online in chat rooms, claiming to be from the year 2036.

He made statements about the future of mankind and our destiny, stating that we need to change some of the ways we live our lives. If not, he said we are headed for a nuclear war involving North Korea, Iran, and the US. In saying this, he created a following of believers that span the globe.

In 2001 he vanished, never to be heard from again.

In November of 2000, Cris McCarthy was in pursuit of the truth surrounding John Titor. What she found was more than she could have ever imagined possible. Was John just a piece to a larger puzzle that would soon unfold to mankind?

Learn the truth behind the man that was Timetravel_0

~ by gabtor on July 19, 2009.

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