Sasha Grey – Smash Cut


Smash Cut is a dizzying and unique homage to the classic horror films of Herschell Gordon Lewis. Its the story of Able Whitman, a troubled filmmaker losing his mind in an extraordinary way.

After his latest serious film is met with gales of laughter, Able decides to drown his sorrows at a local strip club–where he meets dancer Gigi Spot. Minutes later, hes convinced her to star in his next project. Minutes after that, hes killed her in a drink driving accident. Needing to dispose of the body, Able stumbles upon the one place nobody would notice a corpsespread around the set of his new horror film. When the response to this new footage is praised for its realism, the guilt ridden Able has a complete mental breakdown. Believing he has finally discovered the key to making a great horror film, the director quickly discovers that one human body doesn’t yield a lot of parts, and if he wants to finish, he’s going to have to keep on killing.

~ by gabtor on August 29, 2009.

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