Serbian Scars

Serbian Scars

The action thriller Serbian Scars, set in Belgrade, Chicago and Kosovo. Film chronicles the complicated relationship and reunion of estranged brothers, Alex and Peter and the forbidden love of a Serbian soldier (Alex Obilic) and a young Albanian Muslim women. Alex, believing his father (Goran Obilic) to be at death’s door and in need of a kidney transplant, ventures from Serbia to Chicago, to find his brother Peter in and effort to save their dying dad. Peter escaped from Serbia with their mother years ago, leaving behind his brother and father to fight the war.

With the help of an American CIA operative, Alex finds his brother in Chicago. What Alex doesn’t realize is that their father is being used as a tool by an Albanian-sponsored terrorist named Dreq, who thinks that Peter holds the key to a devastating chemical weapon that their father developed under duress for the Soviets during the Cold War. Goran Obilic is prepared to sacrifice everything to make sure that the chemical weapon will never fall into terrorists hands.

Alex convinces his brother to return to Serbia, where they discover that Alex’s Albanian girlfriend has become a pawn in Dreq’s deadly game. Secret alliances are revealed and hidden identities become known, as the brothers discover that Freedom’s Never Free

~ by gabtor on September 27, 2009.

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  1. Hello there SKipper hows hanging these days

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