White Lightnin’


Based around true events. Jesco White is the last of the Appalachian Mountain dancers. He is the son of D Ray White, the greatest mountain dancer of all time. Ever since he was a child, D Ray tried to keep Jesco on a straight path—one that would put him on the right hand of the Lord. But from a young age, there was temptation drawing him away from D Ray, away from the dancing. Jesco was constantly finding himself in trouble with the law. While incarcerated during his adolescence, Jesco had to endure the brutal and senseless murder of D Ray. It was the most painful time of his life.

Years after his time in reform school, Jesco had made the best of staying true to his daddy’s word. He tried to stay as straight as he could, and used the dancing to do so. But the devil has his ways too, and soon Jesco was back to his old vices. Hopping from bar to bar as a young man, trying to make his daddy proud, Jesco meets Cilla, twice his age, half his height, and the love of his life. But trouble was never far from him throughout the hollers of West Virginia. As Jesco puts it, “There’s tha devil runnin’ through my blood.”

~ by gabtor on September 27, 2009.

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