13 Semester

The place to study business mathematics leads Momo (Max Riemelt) and Dirk (Robert Gwisdek) from a provincial town in Brandenburg to the Technical University Darmstadt where they find themselves in the middle of a buzzing student life. While Dirk right away takes the fast lane and enjoys lectures and seminars, Momo gets chucked out of his study group five weeks before end of midterm exams. Fuck the early bird! Along with his mate the womanizer Bernd (Alexander Fehling), Momo likes to keep things cool: They prefer partying with vodka-apple juice, missing seminars for a day at the lake and wooing Momos love interest Kerstin (Claudia Eisinger) . It is only with the help of his new friend Aswin (Amit Shah) and lot’s of coffee that Momo doesn’t fail completely at university. However, having an education does not mean having a plan

~ by gabtor on January 1, 2010.

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