Natalie Portman Sexy Scenes. What’s the Hot

Natalie Portman an Internet sex icon.  Summary: facts and films.

An interview with Natalie Portman:

„How did you feel about the decision to remove the nudity?

Portman: Well, back to the trust issue, when you trust someone, you’re willing to do everything and make mistakes and really expose yourself inside out. So we made sort of a pact that before… While we would shoot, we would just do everything and then he cut it the way he cut, showed it to me [to] see if I agreed, and that’s what happened. We both kept our parts of the deal.

Why did you decide not to show the nudity?

Portman: I didn’t think it was crucial to the scene. I thought it was distracting, if anything, to have it at the head of the scene.” (


– Natalie Portman’s nude scene in her movie – Hotel Chevalier

– Natalie Portman Loves Girl-on-Girl Action. Lesbian scenes with Mila Kunis in her movie – Black Swan. Watch the Film Clip

– Wears a sexy bikini in her movie – Your Highness. Watch the Red Band Trailer

– Full of Nude Scenes in her movie – No Strings Attached. Watch the Red Band Trailer

Which is Natalie Portmans sexiest scene?

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